Privacy Policy

How we handle data for registered players of the browser extension game.

What data does the game collect and use?

Tally (the browser extension and API) stores and uses the following data to create gameplay for registered players only.

Email address Used to create and secure player data.
Game achievements Anonymous game achievements (Attacks, Badges, Disguises earned, Consumables found, Monsters battled, and Trackers blocked) are stored to display ranks in the leaderboards.
Page content Tally stores and uses non-personally identifiable meta-content (the URL, title, and h1 tags) from web pages players visit to match them to monsters, badges, and other game items. For example, a page like this may yield tags like, `devices, amazon, tiger, kids, dot, echo` that match the Internet of Things monster. We do not store the connection between URLs and player accounts, only the tags.
Game metrics Tally stores anonymous quantitative information about player activity to create in-game achievements. For example, every kilometer a player scrolls can level-up the “Long Distance Scroller Badge,” while the time a player spends on social media websites can increase their “Stalker Badge” rank.
Cookies The Tally game API uses cookies for authentication.
Account personalization Players may personalize their profile with an avatar and/or short phrase. Players are strongly encouraged NOT to enter personal information in these fields.
How do we protect player information?

  • Security - We transmit all data over a secure connection (HTTPS) and encrypt all passwords using a hashing function with a 128-bit salt.
Can I see the information you have collected?
  • Information & Access - You can see the data used in the game on your dashboard.
  • Rectification & Erasure - You can delete all your data and even your account any time on the dashboard
  • Anonymity - All players are strictly anonymous.
  • During the installation process players must opt-in to consent to the collection and use of their information in compliance with this Privacy Policy.
  • The extension does not collect data from non-registered users.
What information do you share?

Tally collects only the data needed to create the game experience for registered users, and never shares personal information.

  • The website displays anonymous information on player profiles and leaderboard pages to enhance game play. This may include player avatars and anonymous usernames, as well as quantitative data like current level, total clicks, XP, etc.
  • The website displays anonymous information to help players understand how marketers use their data to manipulate their behavior. This may include information about potential high scores in marketing segments, as well as game-specific data like Attacks, Badges, Consumables, Disguises, and Monsters.
  • We do not, and never will, share your data with partners, or sell or use your data for advertising.

Privacy Policy for the Tally Website

How we handle data for all visitors to our website.

  • The website collects analytics to improve visitor experience. See Google Analytics and Statcounter privacy policies for more details.
  • IP address, server and HTTP logs - All visitors to our website and API are logged to provide security for our players.
  • The website uses cookies to authenticate registered players only.
  • By using the website, you consent to the collection and use of information in compliance with this Privacy Policy.


For any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us

Last updated September 25, 2020

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