Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips

Game Play

  • How do I install Tally?
  • Click "Get Tally" in the main navigation on this page.
  • What do I do in Tally Saves the Internet?
  • Just use your computer like normal. Tally will prompt you when there are game elements to engage with. Check out the How to Play page and the tutorial videos for more info.
  • How do I get attacks and defenses for battles?
  • Attacks are awarded as you increase your XP
  • How can I manage my attacks and defenses?
  • You can only use four total in a battle at once. To control which ones click the Tally icon Tally in the upper right of your browser
  • What if I don’t see any monsters or other game objects?
  • You may need to visit your dashboard to link your account.
  • How do I get to my dashboard from the game?
  • Double-click Tally, then click "something else". Or click on the Tally icon Tally in the upper right of your browser.
  • Does Tally really block trackers?
  • Tally uses the Disconnect tracker block list to identify trackers. When you beat a monster, Tally stops an associated tracker from connecting to their servers and collecting your data. As a multiplayer game, we have focused on the experience as well as the tracking blocking, but you should check out other excellent dedicated tracker blockers like Ghostery, Privacy Badger, or Disconnect
  • Will Tally still block trackers if I already have AdBlock or Privacy Badger installed?
  • The game will still work, though if these more established tracker blocking extensions are enabled, they will probably block them first.

Game Options

  • Can I change game options?
  • To access game options, click on the small Tally icon Tally at the top right of your browser. If you do not see it (Chromium browsers), you may need to click on the puzzle icon puzzle to "pin it".
  • What are the different game modes for Tally?
  • In the game options tab you will see various game modes:
    • Full - Tally is visible and everything works normally, including notifications.
    • Chill (as of version 0.4.0) - Like "Full" (all game objects, including Tally, are visible) but sounds and notifications from Tally are off unless you interact with her or a game object.
    • Stealth - Like "Chill" except Tally is not visible and all sounds and notifications are disabled. Your data still contributes to your score and the game still blocks trackers you've beat.
    • Disabled - Nothing is active in the game, including your score.
    • Demo - The game runs in demo mode. Reach out if you want to exhibit this game.
  • Can I turn off sounds?
  • Yes! Click on the Tally icon Tally at the top right of your browser and choose options to manage volume.
  • Can I turn Tally off if I’m trying to get work done, and I do not want to be distracted?
  • Yes! You have several options. Try the new Chill mode. Click on the Tally icon Tally at the top right of your browser to find popup options.

Privacy & Security

  • Does Tally collect my data?
  • Tally uses information (meta tags) about pages you visit in order to create game features. The game does not collect, process, share, or sell personal information about you. On your dashboard you can view, reset, or delete the data Tally uses. See our privacy policy.
  • Why does Tally need permission to “Read and change all the data on the websites you visit”?
  • Extension permissions let users know what information they will access. Tally uses this permission to show game elements like product monsters on top of websites you visit.
  • Who are you people, and why should I trust you?
  • You can read about us on the About page and find links to other things we’ve done.


  • How can I provide feedback about the game?
  • We have a playtest survey for such things.
  • How can I report an issue?
  • Please use this form to report a bug

Like the game?

  • I'm a fan, how can I support Tally Saves the Internet?
  • Yay! You can share on social media (below) or write a nice review for the Chrome or Firefox extension versions!
  • How can I share screenshots of the game?
  • Post screenshots on Twitter , Instagram , or Facebook and tag us in your post!

Technical Information

  • Which browsers are supported?
  • Available on Firefox and all Chromium browsers including Brave, Chrome, Edge , and Opera
  • Can I play Tally on Brave, Opera, Edge, and Chrome?
  • Yes! You can install Tally on any Chromium web browser using the link on the Chrome Web Store. Opera recommends you install their "Chrome Extensions addon" first.
  • Can I use the same account on multiple browsers?
  • Yes! Just install the extension and login to link your account.
  • Can I use Tally on my mobile device?
  • Unfortunately, extensions are not currently supported on mobile browsers. This may change in the future.
  • How do I remove Tally?
  • You can manage Chrome extension in chrome://extensions
  • What about software updates?
  • Most updates are automatic depending on your browser.
  • How do I uninstall Tally?
  • In Chrome, Brave, Edge, or Opera, right click on any extension icon at the top right and choose manage extensions. There you can see the full list of your installed extensions.
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