Tally was conceived in 2010 during a DAAD fellowship in Berlin, Germany. After many experimental versions, the final project was produced by Sneakaway Studio (Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy) and launched officially in 2021. This work would not be possible without significant contributions from the several institutions below, especially Davidson College where we were given financial support and curricular flexibility to mix in the next generation’s ideas about data privacy. Read on for individual project credits.

Project Leads

Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy


Scott Bailey, Tucker Craig, Joseph Dasilva, Walt Gurley, Brady Logan, Owen Mundy, Ryan Strauss, Zhiqian Wang, Ted Yoo, Jason Zheng


Tucker Craig, Joelle Dietrick, Miguel Donado, Brady Logan, Owen Mundy, Ted Yoo


Mike Bauman, Berry Boeckman, Jake Carver , Lauren Crane, John Crawford, Joelle Dietrick, Miguel Donado, Katie Im, Owen Keefer, Mila Loneman, Gretta Louw, Jared McElveen, Owen Mundy, Tony Nguyen, Lindsey Owen, Adelle Patten, Coco Peng, Chloe Pitkoff, Rebecca Strawn, Izzy Swearingen, Allyson Taylor, Lauren Wolfe


Bayne Brannen, Camden Bertucci, Joelle Dietrick, Katie Im, Gretta Louw, Sarah Suttner, Claire Thompson


Nick Boyd, Lauren Crane, Joelle Dietrick, Gretta Louw, Sarah Suttner

Project Management

Nick Boyd, Joelle Dietrick, Katie Im, Claire Thompson

Sound & Video

Bayne Brannen, Jake Carver, Joelle Dietrick, Richard Farrell, Siân Lewis, Drew Keefer, Owen Keefer, Owen Mundy, Ryan Strauss

Testing & Game Design

Mike Bauman, Camden Bertucci, Rebecca Cobo, Joelle Dietrick, Owen Keefer, Daniel Lammens, Owen Mundy

Early Prototypes

Conner Hill, Bree VanOss, Owen Mundy

Special Thanks

Julie Goff, Lauren Klein, Fuji Lozada, Nick Merrill, Hannah Rainey, Mark Sample, Micah Vandegrift, Tom Wazlavek

We owe a big thank you to the maintainers of the tracker services list at Disconnect, without which the problem of identifying trackers would have been inconceivable.


Tally game and character © 2024 Sneakaway Studio
Art, sound, and other media © 2024 Sneakaway Studio and individual creators
Game extension source code MIT License

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