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Tally Saves the Internet! - 2020 Release Trailer

Fight for your right to be let alone

Battle product monsters and block web trackers right in your browser.
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Monsters to battle in Tally Saves the Internet

Level Up

Compete with others using the data advertisers normally use to manipulate you.
Okurrrrrrrrr monster Battled a level 16 Smartphones monster
# Technology & Computing
18 hours
preciousplug87 consumable Found some Junk data
19 hours
L?G?D? monster Battled a level 4 Smart Home monster
# Home & Garden
19 hours
L?G?D? badge Earned a level 1 News Hound badge
19 hours
L?G?D? badge Earned a level 2 Biggest Fan badge
19 hours
L?G?D? monster Defeated a level 7 Web Conferencing monster
# Technology & Computing
20 hours
L?G?D? tracker Blocked a tracker from doubleclick.net
# FingerprintingGeneral
20 hours
monsterhunter91 badge Earned a level 4 Long Distance Scroller badge
21 hours
artistichacker50 consumable Found a Disrupting potion
21 hours
artistichacker50 monster Defeated a level 17 Search monster
# Technology & Computing
21 hours
So many trackers to block in Tally Saves the Internet

Play advertisers before they play you

Learn how playing this game turns the tables on the modern surveillance-based web economy
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Surveillance and behavioral targeting is not normal, nor should it be a business model!
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