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Battle product monsters and block web trackers right in your browser.
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Monsters to battle in Tally Saves the Internet

Level Up

Compete with others using the data advertisers normally use to manipulate you.
isolatedlaptop74 monster Battled a level 13 Social Networking monster
# Technology & Computing
32 minutes
optimisticadmin05 badge Earned a level 1 Footfall badge
an hour
optimisticadmin05 badge Earned a level 1 Map Rabbit badge
2 hours
isolatedlaptop74 consumable Found some 5g boots
2 hours
optimisticadmin05 monster Battled a level 5 Grocery Shopping monster
# Shopping
3 hours
optimisticadmin05 consumable Found some Gluten free greenjuice
3 hours
optimisticadmin05 badge Earned a level 1 Browser Fingerprinting badge
3 hours
optimisticadmin05 tracker Blocked a tracker from google-analytics.com
# FingerprintingGeneral
3 hours
optimisticadmin05 disguise Earned a Pink carnival mask disguise
icon-disguise-mask mask
3 hours
optimisticadmin05 monster Defeated a level 6 Gasoline Prices monster
# Business and Finance
3 hours
So many trackers to block in Tally Saves the Internet

Play advertisers before they play you

Learn how playing this game turns the tables on the modern surveillance-based web economy
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Surveillance and behavioral targeting is not normal, nor should it be a business model!
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